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Independence Day

First, Happy 4th of July! I am most thankful to be an American, and proud of the heritage of our country.

Second, the past 24 hours has thrown our family a little upside down. Both sides lost a family member yesterday morning, in fact they passed within minutes of each other, two souls who never met! We do not mourn them, instead we celebrate their lives and the fact that they are no longer in pain here on earth. That said, it was the most difficult moment as a parent I’ve encountered yet, having to tell the children.

So in honour of my grandfather, build a cake and play some show tunes!! *smiles* I’m just glad he was around to see the 6-tier creation I made when The Engineer and I got married 3 years ago. I wish I had inherited his musical ability as well, but I shall leave that to my baby sister, who is quite talented in that department!

On a lighter note, I am keeping up with wearing something different. In fact, I’m on outfit #2 at this point!

Today I started in this, as I had crafting to do:


Top: Target
Shorts: Kate Spade

And have since changed into this for dinner & fireworks:


Top: Target (same as above)
Belt: Thrifted
Skirt: Banana Republic
Shoes: Christian Louboutin

As you can see, I never did make my bed today! Instead I worked on the details for a candy bar for this weekend and did mani-pedis with my mini-me.

Candy bar details:




Yes, I put crystals on the tags! Why not!

And glitter nails:



Hope you have a safe and sparkly 4th of July!!!

Until next time,


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