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Lace & Sparkle

I’m starting to see a trend here….it’s blue. I have an obsession with blue skirts it seems! 3rd day in a row! I promise I do not have 30 blue skirts, I will embrace other colours over the next 26 days!!

But alas, what can one say? I nearly put on a red skirt, but wasn’t feeling it. So here is the result of this mornings “oh my, I have a closet full of nothing to wear!!” crisis:






Top: Thrifted, no tag
Skirt: Sandee Royalty (
Shoes: Jonquil strass Jimmy Choo flats
Necklace: Vintage, was my great-grandmothers. I love love love this necklace!!! One day I would love to recreate it with real stones. Hey, a girl can dream right??

To add some red to this post, as tomorrow IS Independence Day here in the states, I present last nights dinner:


Soooo yummy and sooooo easy. Sadly my children were NOT as enthusiastic as The Engineer and I were. I made them each a boiled egg and gave them a pudding cup (ick!). You know, as a reward for eating the above. (Yes, I resort to bribery at the dinner table, I have yet to meet a mother who doesn’t practice the same method from time to time!!!)

Any big plans for the 4th? We typically stay home as our home is situated on a hill at the back of the valley, thus enabling us to view all the fireworks from the comfort of our own home. My balcony is prime for this!! I suppose I should rustle up some food moment too!

Oh and my hair is still tinged blue-green. The Engineer thinks it’s “edgy” and “cool”. I tend to agree, however I have a wedding this weekend and must attempt to look halfway professional! *sigh*

Until next time,


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