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Relay for Life

Well, what a weekend! First, I must give praise to the amazing Team Kayla warriors who walked/stayed up for 24 straight hours in honour of those who have experienced cancer in some shape or form.

I had the great privilege to be involved with Team Kayla this past weekend! My team came in Friday night and we decorated and added to the already amazing Alice in Wonderland props/decor/etc that had been prepared. I also donated cake pops & cookies to sell at the booth to add to the money raised by Team Kayla.

Kayla Norris is an amazing young lady, she has simply stolen my heart. Diagnosed with brain cancer nearly 3 years ago, she has beat every odd out there. I’m honored to know her and to be involved. She graduates high school this week, and I am so excited about the amazing cake I have planned for her party this weekend!!

Some photographs (I didn’t snap many with my phone):







Some of Kayla’s story:


I did not walk, but I wore ribbons to honour my mother & grandmother who are survivors, in memory of my grandfather, and in honour of Kayla:


It was a privilege to be there, and I was a very proud mamma, as my kids walked/participated/stayed awake for close to 14 of the 24 hours in the awful weather. We did leave yesterday afternoon for naps and church, and then around 12:45am to sleep until about 6:45am, and went back to finish & clean up.

All the cookies & cake pops I made this past week were for this event. My photos from Instagram:




If you would like more information about Team Kayla, please email me direct:

To all out there whose lives have been affected one way or another by cancer, thank you for your tireless devotion to care, a cure, and awareness. The people who volunteer their time are just amazing. Fight back!!

Have a wonderful week!

Until next time,


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