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A Mid-Week Update

I just realized I haven’t blogged in over a week! It’s been crazy, with being gone all last week and over the weekend I had a serious “hangover”. Not the alcoholic kind, but the “staying up late, sleeping in random places, an too much shopping” type!! Last week was quite the excess of consumerism, not perhaps in the amount of money I spent, but just all the different places I went.

That said, a few fun snaps of items I picked up last week:

Kate Spade Claire bag (thrift find, $2.99!)


All the sparkly pieces I bought and have since been turning into wearable art:






The above pieces are for the line I’m working on for The Cute and Sparkly Wife. I’m super excited about them, especially as most can do double duty, either a headpiece or a belt.

Some outfits from the past week:


Blouse: Thrifted, $1
Skirt: JCrew, thrifted, $2.49
Shoes: Strassed Christian Louboutin
Handbag: Kate Spade (this is new, well, new to me! It’s quite a long story)


Blouse: Target, under $15
Belt: no idea!
Skirt: INC, thrifted
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Handbag: Kate Spade


Blouse: Thrifted, $1 (worn above as well)
Skirt: Vintage, from It’s a Wrap (it’s tagged with a characters name from a TV show even!)
Belt: thrifted
Shoes: Christian Louboutin

This is a necklace I bought at Target last week, along with my vintage watch and the tiny Kate Spade bag I pretty much carried everywhere last week:


Yes, I realize I have a bit of a Navy + White problem right now! I am just loving the combination for whatever reason. I added about 15 skirts last week, and probably half of them are navy or have navy IN them. Or white. It’s just seems like a crisp combination for summer. As I’m sure anyone who reads my blog on a regular basis has realized, I don’t really follow trends or what’s “hot” right now. I kind of follow my own “hey, I love this, let me go totally OCD and wear different variations of pretty much the same thing”. I have 6 navy pencil skirts. Oops!

I suppose I should quit reading the shopaholic books! I just feel quite a connection with Becky and her crazy thought process, without the overdraft and credit card debt that is.

Anyway, it’s officially summer and it’s hot as blazes here! My kids are enjoying their vacation and tomorrow will be our last Disneyland trip until August. I’m excited and dreading tomorrow all at the same time! I know it will be busy. But since I intend to just be a stuff holder, it should be fun. If only they had shoe shops IN the park!

Until next time,


55 Thousand Dresses

Tucked away in the warehouse district of Gardenia (just off the 110, south of El Segundo) is the most amazing treasure box!! 55 Thousand Dresses is the most amazing place ever. This gentleman, Paul started collecting dresses for his wife in the 1950’s, and over time as they shared life, parenthood, and their mutual love of dancing, they have collected over 55,000 dresses.

Well, they have opened the collection to the public, not only to see it, but to BUY it!!

I contacted them a little over a week ago, and scheduled to visit today (I’m in LA all week for various reasons). It was amazing. I’m not one to be overwhelmed, but I was extremely overwhelmed!!! I honestly really looked seriously at skirts, merely because I need another day to look at dresses. Which is going to happen in a few weeks!

Some photos from today (and I think they are going to post some on their website or their Facebook page as well):

This is mainly skirts:


Racks and racks of dresses:




I purchased 3 skirts (I wanted so many more!! But we had several more places to shop, and tomorrow is downtown LA) and was gifted one by Paul, it’s in need of some serious TLC, but I have grand plans!

The skirts I purchased:


What I wore today:


Dress: Calvin Klein (I just realized I wore this last Tuesday!!)
Belt: Thrifted
Shoe: Strassed Louboutin
Necklace: Target

I highly highly recommend that if you can, send an inquiry and go visit this treasure trove!! 55 Thousand Dresses They are open on Mondays by appointment, and watch their website for upcoming “open house” events. Costuming, proms, black tie, even amazing wedding dresses!!! From Vintage to 90’s, it’s there. Just amazing. I’m still excited about it!!

I was not compensated for this post, and all opinions are my own. I haven’t ever addressed this on my blog, but I blog because I want to, there is no monetary compensation involved. This was an experience I arranged and decided I HAD to share it with everyone!!!

Have a wonderful week, I’ll try to take time to share some of my other purchases this week as well!

Until next time,


Happy Father’s Day!

To my dad, the one who inspired imagination in us all, as well as the “Dam Cake”, Happy Father’s Day!


Can’t imagine life without you dad!

Until next time,


Pink & Navy

It’s June, school is nearly out, and the weather has turned not only warm, but slightly humid. All the more reason to pull out a light cotton shift dress and add some accessories. Voila! Everyone wanted to know where I was going today. Errands? Nothing thrilling I assure you. I just re-arranged my closet and realize I should wear more of my clothing, especially considering I own more than 60 dresses. Yes, that many.

I need clothing rehab!




Dress: Calvin Klein, ages old
Belt: Anne Klein, thrifted
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Handbag: (not pictured) Grey Patent Kate Spade Maryann bag

In other news, I have still not located my glasses. I went around in sheer agony all day with my contact lenses in (why are they so tortuous now?!), before breaking down and tearing apart my bathroom to find my old glasses. Which I did (yay!), and then wondered what on earth was I thinking when I picked them out?? Oh how my tastes have changed in the past 3 years!! At least my new pair will be here Friday, so I don’t have to feel utterly freakish for too long.

I’ve also been working on bits for The Cute and Sparkly Wife lately. Some new hair clips:


And a pair of shoes I threw together for my daughters teacher gift:


I know she will be excited, they really are lovely. I used jet AB crystals on a plain black base. Simple, yet a little something “extra”. Her and her husband (my youngest has her husband as his teacher) are headed to the mission field this summer before starting a new grand adventure in their lives & careers, so I’m glad I can do something special for her, so she knows just how much she was appreciated this past year.

Okay, so secretly I’m a little glad she is leaving the school, so I won’t have to cough up such a fabulous end of year gift. Unless I feel it’s warranted. You know. Typically it’s Starbucks gift cards!

Anyway, two more days of school an then our summer adventures begin!! I’m super excited for next week, I’m going to be in LA all week for various reason, but the exciting thing? I have an appointment at the 55 Thousand Dresses showroom next Tuesday! I can’t wait to share my experience. I’m super super excited. Ending with some shopping in Palm Springs by the end of the week, and hopefully I’ll put myself on a ban for a while. Reorganizing my closet made me realize it’s time for a major clean-out. Soon!!

Until next time,


Monday Recap

Woah, it’s been another hectic few days. Last Wednesday evening I attended Kayla’s commencement ceremony, and well, I haven’t really stopped running since then!!

Here’s what I ended up wearing (kinda, I changed my shoes at the last minute, which was a good thing!!)





Blouse: Forever 21(it’s 2+ years old)
Belt: thrifted
Skirt: Harajuki Mini from Target (little girls section. This skirt runs huge, I’m wearing a medium, which is a 7-8. I bought my daughter an xs!!)
Shoes: Miu Miu
Handbag: Kate Spade Maryann

And then I spent time working on the cake for Kayla’s party:



Everything, except for the hula girl on top was crafted from sugar. It became a labor of love, but she was thrilled!

What I wore to her party Saturday:



Dress: Alannah Hill
Shoes (not pictured): Violet strass Nina jellies

And today (as I spent yesterday cleaning, catching up on laundry and I refuse to admit the horror of my ensemble!!!) I started with this:





Top: Kohls
Skirt: I.N.C., thrifted
Shoes: Violet Strassed Christian Louboutin

But then remembered I’d agreed to take up tennis with a friend of mine. (What was I thinking?! Oh wait, cute pleated skirt) so I ran home, and as my feet were swollen, yes I played tennis in my Louboutin flats. It was amusing, to put it lightly!!



Top: Talbots, thrifted
Skirt: thrifted
Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Tennis was quite amusing, I hadn’t played in nearly 2 decades, so yeah. And then it happened. I lost my glasses.

Yes, completely misplaced/lost them somewhere between the tennis courts and goodwill. Oy vey.

Luckily I have an amazing optometrist and they have put a rush order on a new pair. But until then I’ll be seeing all wonky with my contact lenses, which drive me bananas!!!

All in all, a crazy Monday!!! It’s another wild week, only 3 more days of school then summer break.

Until next time,


Mid-Week Madness

It’s another crazy week for me. This time of year is always hectic, just with the last few days of school (we have 7 left), and then wedding season, and this year I’ve added Grad season to the mix. Whew!!

Anyway, some outfit recaps over the past week:




Dress: Calvin Klein (from TjMaxx 5-6 years ago)
Shoes: Siam Jimmy Choo Flats
Handbag: Kate Spade



Dress: Target (quickly becoming a summer staple!)
Belt: Old Navy
Shoes: Kate Spade (two summers ago)
Handbag: Coach (outlet find 4 years ago)




Top: Kohls
Skirt: Vintage (thrifted, $1)
Belt: thrifted, $1
Shoes: Montana Strass Christian Louboutins
Handbag: Kate Spade




Lace Blouse: Target (I also purchased the white one!)
Shorts: Kate Spade
Sandals: Ross
Handbag: Kate Spade

The last outfit is this morning. I threw it on because today I have tons of baking to do, and I will change later this afternoon before I leave to attend Kayla’s graduation tonight! This girl is amazing. I decorated her hat this week:


As far as I can recall, this will actually be the first high school graduation I’ve ever attended. I skipped my own due to having already moved, and well, it just didn’t seem like a big deal. I’ve been to many college ceremonies! I have my camera charges and the tissues packed. Kayla has just taken my heart and I’m smitten with her. I also get to make her graduation party cake, which is super top secret, and I am just excited!!!! I’m sure I will post teasers on Instagram! (Katespadegirlblog)

Happy Hump Day y’all!

Until next time,


Relay for Life

Well, what a weekend! First, I must give praise to the amazing Team Kayla warriors who walked/stayed up for 24 straight hours in honour of those who have experienced cancer in some shape or form.

I had the great privilege to be involved with Team Kayla this past weekend! My team came in Friday night and we decorated and added to the already amazing Alice in Wonderland props/decor/etc that had been prepared. I also donated cake pops & cookies to sell at the booth to add to the money raised by Team Kayla.

Kayla Norris is an amazing young lady, she has simply stolen my heart. Diagnosed with brain cancer nearly 3 years ago, she has beat every odd out there. I’m honored to know her and to be involved. She graduates high school this week, and I am so excited about the amazing cake I have planned for her party this weekend!!

Some photographs (I didn’t snap many with my phone):







Some of Kayla’s story:


I did not walk, but I wore ribbons to honour my mother & grandmother who are survivors, in memory of my grandfather, and in honour of Kayla:


It was a privilege to be there, and I was a very proud mamma, as my kids walked/participated/stayed awake for close to 14 of the 24 hours in the awful weather. We did leave yesterday afternoon for naps and church, and then around 12:45am to sleep until about 6:45am, and went back to finish & clean up.

All the cookies & cake pops I made this past week were for this event. My photos from Instagram:




If you would like more information about Team Kayla, please email me direct:

To all out there whose lives have been affected one way or another by cancer, thank you for your tireless devotion to care, a cure, and awareness. The people who volunteer their time are just amazing. Fight back!!

Have a wonderful week!

Until next time,