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Mid-week Musings

Yesterday was interesting. I spent the day doing some serious retail therapy. Now, let me preface this with, while I spent hours shopping, I did not spend a ton of money. Target, Kohl’s and Bath & Body Works is not exactly serious shopping, if you know what I mean!

A new obsession, wallflowers:


I went to Bath & Body Works twice yesterday! Oh but my house and car smells so so so yummy today. I had a gift card and some coupons, so I got a good deal. And then used more coupons to order a few more items online today. Hey, I have 3 boys in my house, one IS a teenager and one is a pre-teen, so odor control is extremely important!!!

I mainly bought clothing for the kids (hey, jeans @ $10/pair?! Yes please!! And sweaters for next fall/winter @ $6?), as they are required to wear uniforms, and I do try to find deals being that they grow so fast. The Children’s Place and Kohl’s had some fabulous deals! I spent under $100 on the kids and ended up with quite a bit. But I did score a few things for moi.

First this Target dress. I’ve been stalking this dress for a year now. It was an online return to our local store, and I fell in love with the colour. Just not $35 love. So when I spotted it for $6.18, I grabbed it and looked around for dress thieves!!! Okay, well, kind of. I’m super excited about it!


And then these two tops at Kohl’s:



I am loving polka dots this year! And the mint green, well, it’s easy to explain. I also grabbed some fresh white t-shirts while at Kohl’s, and the navy one I wore today.

Today’s ensemble:



Top: Kohl’s, $7.99 + 30% off
Skirt: Kate Spade, off eBay
Shoes: Kate Spade, off eBay

I did nothing more than take kids to school and drop them back off today. It’s super windy and our weather is up/down, which messes with my sinuses. Other than playing catch up on laundry, I sat on my bed with the window open, enjoyed the delicate scent of my “spring” wallflower, read a book and occasionally looked up to enjoy my view.

Now back to my book and to plan tomorrows adventure. I have an appointment with a client who is also a dear friend to finalize her wedding plans! I’m SO excited!

Until next time,


One response

  1. Jules,
    I love great deals and coupons! Way to go!

    May 23, 2013 at 03:06

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