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Monday “Not so Fun day”

It’s Monday, normally a day I enjoy. But yesterday our trip to Disneyland really did a number on me! I only went on three rides, but the race through Radiator Springs did my neck IN. Combine it with the trip up the Cajon Pass.

Yeah. It’s been a wonky day. More so than usual! Last night I was dizzy and it was if I was on a boat. It is better today, I just need rest and relaxation. Something that is NOT easy for me!!! However for self preservation, I kept it simple today.

My outfit:







Notice I have two different belts?? I wore the braided colourful one this morning and switched after I got home from taking the kids to school (okay, and a target trip, I scored something totally amazing too!!)

Dress: Target, $13.98 (it has pockets!!!!)
Belts: vintage & old navy
Shoes: Siam AB strass Nina jellies (done by me)
Handbag: Coach clutch
Hat: Vintage, garage sale find
Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren

Of course I did bake last night, and took these lovelies into my sons classroom this afternoon:


I do have to admit, it’s rather nice for the ego when an entire classroom of 1st graders exclaim how awesome of a baker you are. Granted this is the second time in two weeks I’ve sent cupcakes in for them. These are my “Black & White” cupcakes. A double chocolate cake with a fluffy white chocolate icing. If it’s for an actual order, I have filled them with a dark chocolate ganache, which is truly amazing. However, at the request of the teacher, I skipped the ganache to limit the mess.

To share some of my weekend, I had a last minute wedding this weekend, and threw these flower together for the wedding party, and was able to re-purpose the arrangements from the princess party last Thursday for the wedding Saturday!







I also sent the same table linens as I used Thursday, and while I haven’t seen photographs yet, I hear it turned out lovely! I love weddings like this, easy simple, and oh-so-fun for me. I’m very much a “give me a budget, colours and your Pinterest boards” and let me work my magic type event designer. I work because I truly love it, which is nice. I have been selective this year with events, merely because I did TOO many last year. I do love to stay busy though, there is simply something exciting about running 24/7!! I’ve been exploring other creative outlets this year, as well as the kids seem to have more than ever going on at school.

*sigh* sometimes I wish the day had more hours!

Hope your week is fabulous!! *twirls* The kids have just a few weeks left of school and then it’s time for summer fun!! I’m excited for our summer, I have some fun things planned.

Until next time,


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