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A Country Fair

So this past Thursday was the end of a very long journey at my ladies bible study. We tackled some hard subjects the past 9 months! While I’m happy I got through it, I’m also sad it’s over. But alas, summer is coming and the school year is nearly over.

That said, the theme (who doesn’t love a theme?!) for our end of year party (hey, we church girls sure know how to throw a party!!), it was “blue ribbon living”, and we had a mock “table judging” contest. Now I admit I had quite a few months notice for this one, so the theme I picked was in the works for a while. I used my table leaders daughters wedding as our inspiration. (Which was rather awesome!!)

Some pictures:








I spent hours ripping and tying fabric to make the “bunting” (which looked awesome), and I made a sign for the back of each chair with names painted on them, which the ladies took home as part of their “party favor”. It was fun, we had a blast, and while I AM partial to my table design, we had 15 other brilliant tables in that room. It was just awesome.

I also assembled props for the photo booth, and made bunting and a sign for it:



A good time was truly had by all!!

I wore this, in keeping with the “theme”:





Dress: Lanz (vintage)
Belt: Kate Spade
Shoes: Montana Strass Christian Louboutin (my “blue ribbon” shoes!)

In hindsight I should have added this hat:


Also a vintage find, I always forget about hats!

Oh well. The day was a success and I’m already off and preparing for our princess themed leadership party next Thursday. I’m super excited about that, sparkle and pink everywhere!! I’m bringing in my fabulous assistants for that party though.

To all the mothers out there, I hope you have a fabulous Mother’s Day tomorrow! I don’t have plans, although my wonderful kids are granting a wish today, which is a late spring clean of the house. Mmmmm. Clean house! Best present ever in my book.

Until next time,


One response

  1. That dress is so adorable! Loving your collection of flats and handbags, thank goodness for the surprise Kate Spade sale going on now, I am going to get a new summer bag right now, probably in coral 🙂

    May 14, 2013 at 12:50

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