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Wednesday Recap

Woah, I just realized I haven’t posted sincelast Friday!! This past weekend was fairly hectic, those who follow me on Instagram were treated to various adventuring snaps.

Saturday my oldest son and I spent the day in Los Angeles (downtown). I did some serious shopping for my new business venture (oooo, I’m still so excited about it!), a little thrifting, found a homeless gentlemen to feed, and saw a play at The Pantages. Oh and had terrible food at the Cheesecake Factory!!! I honestly don’t know if I will ever eat there again!

Some shots from LA:




I wore my hot pink Kate Spade Jillian dress and my Montana strass Louboutins. The last shot is my son with the actor/singer Anthony Grant. He was in the band Az Yet back in the 90’s, and these days does alot of theatre. His voice is flat out amazing. My son loved the attention from all the performers, we got to meet everyone and had amazing seats. I didn’t take as many photos as I thought! Oops!

Here is my haul:



Sunday I worked on a custom commission:


And then Monday I wore this, a dress I snagged in LA at a goodwill shop:




Dress: H&M, thrifted $8 (more than I would normally pay, but I loved it!)
Belt: Old Navy
Shoes: Siam AB strass

I didn’t snap a photo yesterday, but I repeated an outfit from a week and a half ago, a white t-shirt and navy pencil skirt. Nothing exciting, just appropriate for a morning thrifting, and it transitioned into afternoon for some business. And I didn’t flash anyone, as we are having horrid winds in the afternoons. 30-40mph gusts. It’s awful!! I normally have a lovely view of the valley from my bedroom, but it’s like a giant dust curtain. I do hope it passes soon. My allergies are making me miserable.

Today I wore my black target dress from last week, but changed into this for an afternoon meeting at school:




Cardigan & Blouse: Target
Skirt: I.N.C., thrifted $2.50
Shoes: Jimmy Choo

So, for now, there you go. I’m super swamped with events right now, so my posting may be erratic. I do post alot on Instagram, follow me on there! Katespadegirlblog.

Have a wonderful rest of the week! I’m excited to share next week what I’m working on for this weekend!!

Until next time,


Navy & White + Purple Sparkle

Happy Friday! *twirls with glee* (yes I do this, and often!)

It’s a beautiful sunny morning, and it’s shaping up to be an amazon weekend. For you Disneyland fans, today is “Monsterous Summer”, in which Disney parks stay open for 24 hours. Ohhhh how I longed to go! But then I saw photographs friends of mine started posting at 6am (it’s 6am-6am!!), and realized it was a very good thing I have a packed day close to home!! Perhaps I will convince my crew to hit the parks on Monday morning.

Anyway, just had to mention that. I still secretly wish I was there.

My outfit today (I have some casual meetings)





Top: Kohls
Skirt: Kate Spade
Shoes: Nina, painted and Strassed by me
Handbag: Coach

I’m super excited for tomorrow! I’m taking my oldest child with me to shop in LA and see a play tomorrow. I’m also going to try and hunt down some food trucks. 14-yr old boys, they love to eat! Might as well enjoy some good food, right? And hit some of my favorite little treasure spots for various things.

Any big plans this weekend?

Until next time,


Seeing Spots

Good morning! I’m more on the ball this morning than usual, as my daughter had a field trip and needed to be at school by 7am.

I have meetings today, so I dressed for the occasion. Our weather is a touch chilly (not complaining, I’m thrilled!!), so I threw on a blazer this morning. I feel a little overdressed, but secretly love it.






Jacket: Target
Brooch: Vintage, off eBay
Blouse: Lauren Conrad for Kohls
Skirt: Kate Spade
Belt: thrifted
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Watch: Vintage Omega

I’ll probably drag my Birkin around today, merely because she is already out, and I’m feeling a tad lazy. I need to figure out easier handbag storage, it’s such a pain as it is right now, and it’s why I don’t switch bags too often.

So, I’m off and running this morning. Have a wonderful Thursday! Excited for the 3-day weekend, lots of fun stuff planned, the highlight is a trip to Downtown LA on Saturday to do shopping and see a theatre production with my oldest son. Should be interesting, spending the day with a 14-yr old!! I have already started praying for us(me).

Until next time,


Mid-week Musings

Yesterday was interesting. I spent the day doing some serious retail therapy. Now, let me preface this with, while I spent hours shopping, I did not spend a ton of money. Target, Kohl’s and Bath & Body Works is not exactly serious shopping, if you know what I mean!

A new obsession, wallflowers:


I went to Bath & Body Works twice yesterday! Oh but my house and car smells so so so yummy today. I had a gift card and some coupons, so I got a good deal. And then used more coupons to order a few more items online today. Hey, I have 3 boys in my house, one IS a teenager and one is a pre-teen, so odor control is extremely important!!!

I mainly bought clothing for the kids (hey, jeans @ $10/pair?! Yes please!! And sweaters for next fall/winter @ $6?), as they are required to wear uniforms, and I do try to find deals being that they grow so fast. The Children’s Place and Kohl’s had some fabulous deals! I spent under $100 on the kids and ended up with quite a bit. But I did score a few things for moi.

First this Target dress. I’ve been stalking this dress for a year now. It was an online return to our local store, and I fell in love with the colour. Just not $35 love. So when I spotted it for $6.18, I grabbed it and looked around for dress thieves!!! Okay, well, kind of. I’m super excited about it!


And then these two tops at Kohl’s:



I am loving polka dots this year! And the mint green, well, it’s easy to explain. I also grabbed some fresh white t-shirts while at Kohl’s, and the navy one I wore today.

Today’s ensemble:



Top: Kohl’s, $7.99 + 30% off
Skirt: Kate Spade, off eBay
Shoes: Kate Spade, off eBay

I did nothing more than take kids to school and drop them back off today. It’s super windy and our weather is up/down, which messes with my sinuses. Other than playing catch up on laundry, I sat on my bed with the window open, enjoyed the delicate scent of my “spring” wallflower, read a book and occasionally looked up to enjoy my view.

Now back to my book and to plan tomorrows adventure. I have an appointment with a client who is also a dear friend to finalize her wedding plans! I’m SO excited!

Until next time,



This morning I wanted to take a moment to say a prayer and send my condolences to all those affected in Oklahoma.

Last night I got sucked into a project and fell into bed too tired to check the news. We don’t have television (other than amazon streaming), so I typically check in the morning and before bed, just in case anything major happens.

Not last night. Oops. This morning I was greeted with the images of devastation and reports of heavy casualties from yesterday’s 2-mile wide tornado.

My heart skipped a beat. I lived in north Texas for 10 years, so even the thought of a tornado or a siren still makes me stop and jump a little. I’ve never been directly hit by a tornado, but have been within a 1/2 mile, and the sound is like nothing I have ever experienced in my life. The lack of control is unnerving. There is nothing, and I mean nothing you can do, except take shelter, pray, and wait it out. The winds whipping, the sirens blaring, it’s wretched. To this day I hate tiny bathrooms! (Our ground was too unstable for cellars, most houses had a reinforced room, ours was the tiny half bath under the staircase) My youngest two still talk about tornados, and it’s been 4 years, they were super tiny then, yet those memories linger. It’s an experience unlike any other. Not even the big earthquakes of the 90’s out here in California can compare. (And we lived close to the epicenter of the 29 Palms & Big Bear quakes, the two big ones on the same day)

To all those affected by this tragedy (and it’s already shaping up to be a wicked tornado season out there!!), my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your loved ones. May those who were taken be welcomed into the gates of heaven. Those left behind, may you find comfort in the difficult days ahead.

Loss is never easy. Please stop and hug your loved ones today, just because you never know what the day may bring.

With a heavy heart,


Monday “Not so Fun day”

It’s Monday, normally a day I enjoy. But yesterday our trip to Disneyland really did a number on me! I only went on three rides, but the race through Radiator Springs did my neck IN. Combine it with the trip up the Cajon Pass.

Yeah. It’s been a wonky day. More so than usual! Last night I was dizzy and it was if I was on a boat. It is better today, I just need rest and relaxation. Something that is NOT easy for me!!! However for self preservation, I kept it simple today.

My outfit:







Notice I have two different belts?? I wore the braided colourful one this morning and switched after I got home from taking the kids to school (okay, and a target trip, I scored something totally amazing too!!)

Dress: Target, $13.98 (it has pockets!!!!)
Belts: vintage & old navy
Shoes: Siam AB strass Nina jellies (done by me)
Handbag: Coach clutch
Hat: Vintage, garage sale find
Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren

Of course I did bake last night, and took these lovelies into my sons classroom this afternoon:


I do have to admit, it’s rather nice for the ego when an entire classroom of 1st graders exclaim how awesome of a baker you are. Granted this is the second time in two weeks I’ve sent cupcakes in for them. These are my “Black & White” cupcakes. A double chocolate cake with a fluffy white chocolate icing. If it’s for an actual order, I have filled them with a dark chocolate ganache, which is truly amazing. However, at the request of the teacher, I skipped the ganache to limit the mess.

To share some of my weekend, I had a last minute wedding this weekend, and threw these flower together for the wedding party, and was able to re-purpose the arrangements from the princess party last Thursday for the wedding Saturday!







I also sent the same table linens as I used Thursday, and while I haven’t seen photographs yet, I hear it turned out lovely! I love weddings like this, easy simple, and oh-so-fun for me. I’m very much a “give me a budget, colours and your Pinterest boards” and let me work my magic type event designer. I work because I truly love it, which is nice. I have been selective this year with events, merely because I did TOO many last year. I do love to stay busy though, there is simply something exciting about running 24/7!! I’ve been exploring other creative outlets this year, as well as the kids seem to have more than ever going on at school.

*sigh* sometimes I wish the day had more hours!

Hope your week is fabulous!! *twirls* The kids have just a few weeks left of school and then it’s time for summer fun!! I’m excited for our summer, I have some fun things planned.

Until next time,



As the rest of my crew stands in a line at Disneyland for a water ride, I’ve found myself a shaded area to do a little blog catch up!

Some recaps from this past week, I spent two days channeling the 50’s, which was fun I suppose. I’m trying to wear more of my wardrobe, and wear some things I’ve not worn yet!!

This was last Wednesday:




Top: Target
Skirt: Vintage, from It’s a Wrap in Hollywood
Belt: Old Navy
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Necklace: Forever 21

This was Friday, I thought it would be fun to “make an entrance” at a meeting I had that morning. It’s amazing how the right clothing really can give you confidence, and in this case, the bit of intimidation I was going for. Normally I don’t go for intimidation, but it was helpful and well, relevant in this instance!!





Cardigan: Target
Blouse: Target (it’s just a black t-shirt)
Skirt: Vintage (thrift find)
Belt: thrifted
Shoes: Christian Louboutin black Decolette
Jewelery: Banana Republic (earrings, necklace & bracelet), Omega watch

I also carried my Birkin bag and wore my big black hat.

Lets just say I got the reaction I was hoping for.

Of course, that was not practical for the rest of my day, as I had flowers to prep and linens to pull for a wedding. So, I changed into this:





Dress: Target, $13.98
Belt: Old Navy
Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Well, my crew should be off their ride soon, so I shall re-engage into the Disneyland experience and recap the rest of my Friday into Saturday tomorrow.

Have a wonderful Sunday afternoon, I know I may be sitting out the rides today, but the weather is gorgeous and I’m enjoying the experience!

Until next time,