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Chipless in California

The title says it all. About two years ago costco had these fabulous chips (and I am so not a chip person), baked salt & pepper. Amazing. As in I bought bags and bags.

Then one day disaster struck.

No more big bags of inexpensive yummy chips.

So, I grumble myself off to Target and pay $3/bag. And seriously, it’s worth it. These chips are baked, not fried, and perfect. The Holy Grail of chip.

Well, for the past 6 months or so, NO baked kettle chips at my Target. Okay, fine, it’s a restock, whatever. Life gets really crazy with the holidays and chips slip my mind.

Until last week. The Kettle chips are finally restocked. Except something is terribly wrong. No salt & pepper!!! But, I discover sour cream and onion, which I count on to tie me over until the rest of the stock arrives.

Let me tell you. Those holy grail chips are not coming. Why you ask?

Because they stopped making them! Or so I am assuming. So tonight I’m like chip crazy. Not enough to go to the store for them, but enough to bring up amazon on my kindle (gotta love that, I needed a book yesterday? Had it in 5 seconds. Didn’t have to leave my bed!) and search for them. Because you can buy cases of chips on amazon.

One crazy seller has a case of these chips. $85 (with shipping!) for a case of 15 4oz bags.

I’m sorely tempted. But, I refrain. I mean, that’s a pair of shoes.

So, I get a crack brain idea to write the company. And I sign my message? “Chipless in California”. I’ll let you know if they respond. (Frankly they will most likely laugh hysterically at the crazy chip lady and delete it. But one never knows!!)

So there ya go. This is what happens when one is laid up with an aching back and 4 bored children who aren’t taken on the planned adventures for this week because frankly, the idea of more than 30 minutes anywhere but my own house sounds revolting. Even for chips. I did manage to get dressed 2 of the past 3 days though! (Drs appointments)





Cardigan: Target, with Swarovski crystal button added by me
Dress: Hobbs
Belt: Thrifted
Shoes: Christian Louboutin (which I didn’t actually wear for more than the picture. I ended up wearing my red sparkle Jimmy Choo flats out, forgot to snap a photograph)
Handbag: Hermes

And another:




Blouse: Ralph Lauren
Belt: Thrifted
Skirt: Banana Republic
Shoes: Max Studio

Hey one good thing? (Other than obsessing about chips that is) I got through all 3 Hunger Games books yesterday (after really enjoying the movie Tuesday). That’s where the instant gratification was helpful, I was able to order books 2 & 3 without really moving. My back is better today, but it still aches. Not sure what I pulled, but ugh!! Lots of rest, ibuprofen and ice. Sadly my arthritis is kicking up as well for whatever reason. They might be related, I’ll find out in a couple of weeks. Not thrilled about THAT.

Oh well. I’m alive, I can still walk, enjoy Disneyland and wear crazy shoes. And obsess over chips!

Until next time,

AKA Chipless in California

One response

  1. love the red/black and white outfit … kind of retro and very cute

    April 5, 2013 at 17:08

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