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Snow Day

Yesterday was so much fun! A friend and I went into downtown Los Angeles to hit thrift stores, and pick up my new pink shoes. We got back late, and I crashed. This morning I woke up to this:


Snow! Of course it was all gone by noon, nevertheless the children enjoyed a wet cold time this morning! (They cancelled school here. Yes, east coasters go ahead and laugh at us SoCal people!!!)

But alas, I still had to work. First though, my outfit yesterday:


Cardigan: Ann Taylor
Skirt: Ann Taylor (similar to the one I wore Monday, but different)
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Handbag: not pictured, but I carried my neon pink tiny Kate Spade Crossbody.

We had a blast yesterday, and while I didn’t go overboard, I have officially broken my shopping ban for this month. I scored two skirts at a goodwill for $10, and then at the store It’s a Wrap (they have clothing from TV and movie sets), I got a blouse (wearing it today, it was NWT!), two skirts and some pieces for my daughter. The one skirt, it’s amazing. I can’t wait to style it, sadly it was too chilly today. I’m going to save it though!!

My shoes: (and the Kate Spade bag I ordered last Friday came last night!!)


I am in awe of these, Joey really is a talented artist!! I now look at the shoes I have Strassed and think “oh man, I could have done xyz!!”. Needless to say, he is amazing. Redo my shoe

And today, my outfit (I’m trying to get creative with photographs. I need a new mirror!)




Cardigan: Kohls
Blouse: It’s a Wrap (the designer tag was cut out, tags were still attached but the designer names cut out)
Skirt: Cartonner (I think?) thrifted for $5. It’s gorgeous, made in USA, and the lining is superb!!
Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Such a crazy day! I’m sad to see the snow go so quickly, but it’s really a blessing as people out here really struggle driving in bad weather conditions. I have a big 4-wheel drive SUV, and I know how to drive it, but I’m not the normal driver on the road!

Happy Wednesday! Hard to believe the week is half over. I need to figure out weekend plans!

Until next time,


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