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In Which the World is Ending

I don’t watch the news on television (especially after this week! That crazed person whom I shall not name was burned alive less than 45 minutes from where I live. However, I do check a couple of news sites when I wake up in the morning.

Now I have known about the pass by this afternoon of the asteroid. But what I was not expecting was to see what happened in Russia! Holy cow!

That got me to thinking (very bad, I know), that today could quite possibly be the end of the world. Okay, very unlikely, but always possible. So I figured I should be extra prepared and put my very best foot forward.





Yes, I quite realize I had on different shoes. On Friday I pass out markers to the kids who run on the field. I’ve learned the hard way what happens to heels in damp grass.

Jacket: Kate Spade
Dress: Kate Spade
Shoes: flats, Kate Spade, heels, Miu Miu
Handbag: Kate Spade

The dress was a surprise from The Engineer yesterday! As we don’t normally do big valentines day gifts, I suppose I was quite over gifted!!

So, there you go. Any minute now that asteroid will pass the earth.

Until next time,


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