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Saturday Blues

It’s overcast today, but surprisingly the weather has taken a turn towards the warmer, thankfully.

Today has mainly been a lazy afternoon, save a trip to Target (where I didn’t even venture into the non-food side of the store!), and this evening to church. I have successfully avoided mindless browsing on eBay, which often leads to a purchase. I have also refrained from buying any kindle books, instead utilizing the local library!

My outfit today:


Cardigan: Target, little girls’ section (worn the other day)
Dress: Trina Turk, thrifted
Belt: Vintage, thrifted
Shoes: Light Sapphire Strassed Christian Louboutin flats

More pictures of my shoes, a pair I did a few months ago:



I just love the color, it so feels/looks like a Cinderella shoe to me.

Tomorrow is the Superbowl, who are you rooting for? I don’t particularly mind either way, as I intend to spend my day with Mickey & Friends at Disneyland. I’m not much into sports.

Until next time,


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