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Rainy Friday

Ugh, another dreary rainy day. I could stay in bed and sleep the day away, but alas, it’s off and running.

My outfit, I’ve given in to the rain and feeling dreary:


Cardigan: Target, $5.98 (picked up last week)
Blouse: Calypso for Target collection
Pants: Banana Republic
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Handbag: Kate Spade (this is actually my lunch, junk and snack bag for work today. I tossed in my wallet and keys)
Necklace: unknown

Last night (those who follow on Instagram, I’m sure you saw!), I made Macarons again. I love these bratty little cookies! I’ll have to do a proper post about them, and the steps. I always forget to take pictures of the mixing part! But, here’s some snaps, and I’ll share my recipe/method after:

Slivered almonds


Processed into an almond “flour”


Piped out onto baking sheets (heavy duty cookie sheets and silpat is a MUST)


Shells waiting to be filled (and a pile of mistakes due to me not mixing the batter enough, it was too thick!)


Edible glitter and the last of my Wilton icing coloring (I prefer Americolor)


Fillings: White chocolate almond buttercream, lemon curd, and raspberry



And voila! French Macarons! I made Almond, Lemon, and Raspberry:





So yummy, and so worth the trouble!


150g almond meal
150g powdered sugar
150g granulated sugar
35g granulated sugar
60g + 60g egg white(room temperature)
50g water

Coloring & flavor to taste

My method is:

Combine almond meal and powdered sugar. Add in 60g egg whites, mix into a paste, set aside. (This is where I add color and flavour)

Start mixing the other 60g of egg white on medium (you need a sand mixer for this, in my opinion). When they get foamy, add in 35g granulated sugar.

When you start the egg whites mixing, combine 150g sugar and 50g water and cook to 248 degrees (must use candy thermometer!!!)

Your goal is for the sugar syrup to hit 248, as the eggs are forming peaks. Turn the mixer to low, and slowly add in the sugar syrup. I then mix on med-high for about 12 minutes.

Combine the now satiny meringue with the egg/sugar/almond paste. Mix gently, you want the consistency to be like molten lava.

Put mixture into piping bag and pipe onto cookie sheets. You must use either silpat or parchment paper!

I cook mine at 325 in an electric convection over for 10 minutes. And they are perfect.

Fill, and enjoy!

Next time I make these (in 2 weeks time), I’ll do a proper post with pictures of all the steps.

Happy Friday!

Until next time,


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