Fashion, Food, Desserts, being a 30-something mom is exciting!

It’s Friday!

Happy Friday! Well, what’s left of it anyhow. I neglected to snap my outfit today (although it wasn’t very exciting), but here are some bits from my day:

Newest project, multi-colored strassed Manolo Blahnik flats:


I’m planning on using: violet/violet AB, jonquil/jonquil AB, light sapphire/light sapphire AB, and the green color (don’t remember what it is) in two sections. One green section is non AB (what is already done), and then I’m going to do an AB section. These should be fun!

My traveling companion when the kids are in school:


Sully from Monster’s Inc. isn’t he the cutest?!

I also sealed and touched up shoes this evening:



Dinner, mmmmm, my favorite Round Table pizza:(well, where I live anyway, that delivers. It’s slim pickings here)


And the best part? Movie night without ever leaving home!


And some Hello Panda! thrown in for fun:


Should be an exciting weekend. The children have a 3-day weekend, and I’m planning on braving Disneyland on Monday with them. With sparkly shoes.

Do you have any weekend plans? Are you preparing for Valentine’s day? I’ve started getting my little surprises together for friends and family. I enjoy Valentine’s day, but for reasons other than Hallmark. I am more touched by small thoughtful things, than overpriced flowers and expensive presents. Those two items should be a weekly occurrence, not once a year! *grins*

Until next time,


Until next time,


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