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Happy Christmas Eve!

Happy Christmas Eve!

Our holiday is low-key this year, quite a bit of family things going on, and we have done for others instead of another large holiday of excess.

This morning my father’s station (he works in power) had their annual Christmas Eve breakfast, so we toodled off to that before 7am today! Had a good time, kids got lots of candy and hot wheels (the prizes they picked from the raffle, instead of cash and/or gift cards!!), and we also won a pancake griddle (I’m super excited about that!), and a pound of Sees Candy (not so excited about that, all the candy making I do around here!!!)

My outfit:


Cardigan: Banana Republic (Holiday ’11)
Skirt: Escada, thrifted
Shoes: Strassed Jimmy Choo flats
Handbag: tiny gold bag I’ve been toting around for nearly a week now.

Some other highlights, our HUGE Christmas tree (seriously, this thing is a monster! Makes the room look small, insane)


Most of the gifts are from the kids, mainly to each other. I stepped back this year, they wrapped their own stuff! (Super hard for me to do. I’m so that person that makes everything pretty with ribbons and bows) some of their work:


And my daughter and I did nails this afternoon/evening. Here’s the finished ones for her (mine are just the normal French):


She asked for all the crystals. I’m hoping it will last awhile, I used the gelish polish. Oh to be young and have crazy nails!! Sadly, I just feel ridiculous, so I keep mine fairly simple.



Have a lovely Christmas Eve! Enjoy all the family and cookies!! May your holiday be filled with joy, peace and happiness, and safe travels to those on the road (or in the air!) this evening and tomorrow.

Happy Christmas!


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