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Warning, this is a gush-y type post. Not about fashion, not about shoes, not about material things.

The past few days have been heartbreaking around the world. Connecticut, a shooting at an elementary school, precious babies ripped from this world at such a tender age. The equally horrifying event in China. I’m sure there were other similar incidents worldwide that didn’t make headlines. The media is sensationalizing it, which in my opinion might allow other mentally disturbed persons carry out their devious dark dreams. It’s heartbreaking.

I know I’ve held by babies tighter the past couple of days. Thinking we were safe in affluent shopping malls, nice areas, etc. It wouldn’t happen here.

Last night I found out I was very very wrong. I took my two youngest, 8 and 6 with me to a dear friends graduation in Orange County. It was a HUGE accomplishment, and I am so very very proud of her! I’m excited to see where she lands! After a very huge lunch (Buca de Beppo always delivers!), we parted ways. I had several last minute Christmas gifts I had been saving for this day, as the shopping in the OC sure beats what we have where I live.

Of course we head to Fashion Island, hello?! A visit to Kate Spade was on the pre-Christmas list! I also needed a new phone case, and it’s always a treat to buy it from Kate Spade, as they wrap it for you. Yes, I have my shopping wrapped. It’s so fun!

So, that done, we visited the tree, had to stop in Neimans (who doesn’t want to experience Neimans at Christmas?!), , Bloomingdales, and because my feet were at about done, skipped Macy’s. The kiddos wanted to stop in Build-a-Bear, and why not? (We had parked at Nordstrom, so it was on our walk back) I’d dragged them all over and they not only behaved, but thy kept their dress clothes clean. A stop to see bears, always fun!

And then it happened. Lockdown. Some man with NO prior criminal record starts shooting into the air outside of Macy’s. At Fashion Island in Newport Beach!

We spent a lovely time in the back room, it was only about 15 of us, so it was fairly calm. The sales associates were amazing. They gave the kids bears, clothes to dress bears in, and passed out candy canes. We had a back room Build-a-Bear party. I am so thankful that my feet ached. Because otherwise we would have been on lockdown in Macy’s, where it was mass panic. And we happened to be in a store that wasn’t busy, so everyone stayed fairly calm.

I was shocked though at all the rumors when they cleared the mall! People were running around saying it was a false alarm, etc etc.

I didn’t find out until we finally got home last night (3.5 hours later than my plan! Huge accidents on the freeways, and people were generally driving wonky) that there were in fact shots fired (at least 50!) and the extent of it. The incident made international news!

I am still numb this morning. Very thankful that no one was injured last night. I’m also thankful that my babies are safe. It just made everything hit home. It can happen to you (or me), no matter where you are. Good area, bad area, it only takes one person with a mission.

So hug your children tight, and stay safe readers. It is crazy out there right now. I pray for our country, those who have lost their lives, and the loved ones left behind.

I will be announcing my giveaway winner later this week. I am taking the rest of today to spend time with my children and stay away from shopping malls.

With a sad and heavy heart,


3 responses

  1. Ripple Xu

    Stay safe, and have a great holiday!

    December 17, 2012 at 16:55

  2. It sounds like quite a shell shock. Terrifying. I live so close to there too

    December 18, 2012 at 15:42

    • It was just wild. But the kids did so well. Crazy world!
      ❤ Jules

      December 24, 2012 at 04:03

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