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Shoe Projects!

As I am in agony today, I decided against posting an outfit post. Yes readers, I have on pants and a t-shirt. With a big mom sweater. But with a wacked neck, I don’t have much choice today. Ugh. A favorite blogger of mine, Lovely Jubliesrecently tossed her neck out with a hairbrush. It must be a blogger-fall event? *grins*

Anyhow, my ceiling isn’t nearly so fabulous, but I can see the tv. Although I’m quickly catching up on my DVR’d shows, and the Telly is overwhelmed with the news from the east coast right now. I am saddened to see some of the images, and did you see Coney Island is destroyed!! Makes me so sad. My heart goes out to those who have lost things.

My shoe project. I’ve been working on a pair of Strassed Louboutin heels for months. They were orange with some wierd shoe-string tie. And I neglected to snap a before photograph. Well, I probably did, but I did a huge phone update, and I had to delete some photographs. Oops.

So I painted them with a gold, silver purple mix. A wierd color, but it was kind of different. I then spent a month deciding which color crystals to use! I ended up with Jonquil and jonquil AB. I LOVE that combo! (And I wear my flats constantly)

Some shots:




Now I need somewhere to wear them! Maybe tonight, I need to figure out my costume.

And then I’m working on these:


I love the pink! But the leather was super damaged. Rather funny I had a black pair I sent to Redo My Shoe to be painted pink and Strassed in pink AB! Rather fitting I choose to paint these.

And now they are…….



I’m going to use light sapphire AB and non AB for these. Like the pair that I did over the summer. But those are a hot mess, never Strass over hair!!! Oh well. They are pretty to look at!

I’ll post costumes later. Have a safe and happy Halloween! I’m going back to being a bum now. Er, I mean resting. *grins*

Until next time,


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