Fashion, Food, Desserts, being a 30-something mom is exciting!


Well, I have gotten myself into a pickle. After a wild day last Friday (I won’t even try to explain, oy!!), in which I wore an adorable outfit, but didn’t snap a picture, (oops!!), I threw my back out, and I believe also pinched a nerve. Not sure exactly, but I spent most of the weekend flat out miserable. Ugh. To top it off, I have shoes to sparkle, but really, it’s hard to Strass when you cannot move your neck!!! Oy.

So, today I had to work. Luckily I work for really cool people who laugh and my crazy stories. I mean, the whole story about my back and neck IS rather hilarious. But I’ll save it for a later date.

Today’s outfit:


Cardigan: Target, under $5, 2 years ago on sale
Dress: Target, under $6, also on sale 2 years ago
Shoes: Christian Louboutin flats
Handbag (not pictured, as it was painful to lift) Grey Kate Spade Maryann

A fun picture from Disneyland, a favorite ride of mine:


Aren’t you singing along now???

And this was fun, a couple strolling Buena Vista Street in California Adventure Park!


I hope they went on rides too. Because I totally would do that. Ride Screaming in a ballgown! Oh wait, I’ll not be riding anything for a while!! Well, maybe Little Mermaid. And Monster’s Inc (an adorable ride!!! And it’s scented!)

Anyway, hope you are having a lovely week. I am going to attempt to be a better blogger. I do have some recent projects to show off!

Until next time,


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