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Weekend Recap

So, I think for now I will skip blogging on the weekends, and instead do a weekend recap on Monday mornings.

If you follow my Instagram, you already know I was in Orange County this past weekend. Let me say, it was hot!!!! Crazy hot!

Saturday we ran around, went to the beach, did our best to wear the kids out.


I just had on a $3 sundress from Target, frankly something I would not normally wear! So I took a shadow snap.

And this, sand toes!


And then yesterday we went to South Coast Plaza, and I saw these:


Animal-print Elisa 100’s. Soooo gorgeous. I didn’t buy them, but I soooo wanted to!!!

But I did find this dress, $4.50 at Goodwill somewhere down there:


It’s Ann Taylor, and my sandals are Kate Spade.

And then today, I am headed to work:


Cardigan: Banana Republic
Top: Target
Skirt: Gap, $2.75 @ Goodwill
Shoes: Green Christian Louboutin flats
Handbag: Kate Spade

And my bag & shoes:


Whew! Anyway, have a wonderful week!

Until next time,


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