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Sleep, Navy, White, & Yellow

I slept most of today. Being as we didn’t get home until 4am this morning, I needed sleep!

I am working on a project at church, so I actually pulled myself together this evening. I realized just now I wore the same colors today that I did yesterday!


The Rundown:
Blouse: Banana Republic Outlet
Skirt: Vintage, thrifted
Belt: Old Navy
Shoes: Strassed Jimmy Choo flats
Handbag: Yellow Kate Spade Maryann

And real quick, some awesome photographs I snagged last night when we were just north of Las Vegas. What a lightning show!! (yes, I took these with my phone. Some I posted on Instgram this morning, around 1am)







It was amazing!!!

Now I am crawling back into bed. Road trips are fun, but exhausting! And I didn’t even drive once!

Until next time,


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