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Road Trip

The Engineer and I are on a road trip this weekend! We left from his office yesterday, and headed up through Las Vegas, and through Northern Nevada. Which is gorgeous!!!

I was strassing my shoes in addition to randomly checking in at crazy spots on Facebook and snagging cool photos! So, first my shoes (which took a total of 13hrs. It would have been about 10, but driving forces me to strass slower)



I love them!!! They are drying now, I hope to wear them tomorrow.

And for some photos of our drive:

Las Vegas Speedway


Lilly animal crackers! (found at market in Alamo, NV)


Small town (I don’t remember which town this was, we found so many. Ute tiny mountain-ish towns)





Some view photographs (we were, and still are right now, on HWY 93)




And my favorite photos, the rainbow, and then about 20 miles later, a double rainbow!!



We sadly stopped in Wells, NV for the night, I really would prefer to my discus that experience. The Engineer and I stopped just long enough to sleep and were up and out by 6am this morning!

Our goal is to have breakfast in Twin Falls, ID. In about 20 minutes from now.

Follow me on Instagram! I have been posting alot of fun random photos, katespadegirlblog

And yes, I have on my sparkly Jimmy Choo flats this morning. On reflection, I should have brought a plain pair of flats for travel. Oh well, perhaps I have been able to inspire someone along the way!

Until next time,


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