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In Which I Go To The Office

Yes, I went to the office today! My husband’s office that is. We are taking a small road trip this weekend, and decided since my parents already had all our children, I might as well drag myself out of bed at 5am to save an hour and a half later. Soooo. Yeah.

Have you ever been in a power plant at 6am? Right. Nothing going on. The big things today around here? Some training meeting, which means free food.

Me? I’ve been stashed in some poor empty neglected back office working on these:


Yes! The right shoe is completely finished (it only took a total of 5 hours. Of course I’m using larger stones, so I can cover larger areas)

And I have no pencil to test the sharpener (but it’s total old school), and the phone in here is disconnected. (no fun phone tricks!!)

Alas, I also forgot to snap an outfit photo this morning. Something about 5am.

Sooo, yeah. I’m not wearing anything exciting, just my blue & white Alannah Hill dress and of course my sparkly Jimmy Choo flats.

Anyway, we are leaving now and headed on our way. First stop, Primm Kate Spade Outlet! And we are going to hit the North Las Vegas Kate Spade as well. Apparently my powers of persuasion with my husband (I really should give him a “name”. Perhaps The Engineer) are working rather well these days!

I’ll post if there is anything interesting.

Until next time,


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