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Too Hot

I forgot to take pictures this morning! I was just too hot.


The Rundown:
Blouse: Banana Republic
Shorts: Kate Spade

I wore my crystal flats when we ran errands this morning, and just grabbed my yellow Kate Spade Maryann bag. Honestly, it was 108 out today by 1pm. It was too hot for me to care!

On another note, I found out a very sad thing today. I just want to say that people who do rotten things in life, it does come back to haunt you eventually. I don’t want to discuss the situation, just say please say a prayer for someone who is watching over us instead of walking among us on earth. RIP MissV. I’m sorry I didn’t know sooner.

Until next time,


One response

  1. love the colour and please send some of your heat over here

    July 11, 2012 at 13:23

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