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Another Giveaway in the works!!

So, being as I’ve gotten over 2,000 hits (OH MY GOODNESS!!!), and I currently have 36 followers, why not have another giveaway?

I’ll post the rules here, and I will post the actual giveaway details on July 1st.


1. MUST be a follower of this blog.

2. This giveaway will be open to the entire world. Well, anywhere that USPS offers mail delivery that is. (although, I cannot guarantee delivery for those outside of the US…but I ship/receive alot of mail, and rarely do I lose packages)

3. This giveaway will be sponsored by me, and only me. I did not receive anything from any company or a freebie, etc in exchange for advertising. (nor have I ever)

4. Must Love Sparkles.

Okay, I believe thats it. Keep an eye out. I’ve had this in the works for a while, thought it would be fun. I just needed to get a little less busy in my business to be able to address it, and to do it properly!! I’m excited!

Off to finish making a movie camera out of sugar. Seriously? I have the coolest work ever! And I played with shoes today too.

Oh yes, on a very very sad note. Those lovely Louboutins that I painted yesterday? With the intention of strassing? They hate me. They want to be black without paint & crystals. The paint ALL peeled off. And my attempts to strip the leather finish to repaint? NOPE. These suckers want to be black. Le Sigh. SO, black they shall stay. I’m going to have the heel tips replaced and the black leather refinished. I might have to ship them off, my cobbler up here wasn’t too keen on messing with them. But he said to bring them back tomorrow, the owner would be there, and the owner MIGHT be able to handle it. (they need some light touch up, heel tips, etc)

And in other news, I have decided to put myself on a ban. No acquisitions for the next month. (eeks!!) which means, no strassing, as I don’t have a pair of Christian Louboutins to strass! (unless I decide to bite the bullet and strass those navy simples I got a couple of weeks ago *bites nails*) Well, starting July  1st. So, let’s see what I can come up with between now and then!! Wish me luck!! I’m trying to streamline in anticipation of a trip I have coming up in the fall, with the hopes of picking up something fabulous while in a big city.

Until next time,


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