Fashion, Food, Desserts, being a 30-something mom is exciting!

LA Last Week

Last Thursday was quite an adventure! My girlfriend who was visiting was headed home. We had a packed week, but no, it wasn’t enough!!!

So we got up early, my wonderful mother took all 4 children, and we popped down to LA. First we ran around downtown area, picking up fabric and ribbons for my weddings this past weekend. Then, the fun began!

First stop? Natural History Museum’s Dinosaur Hall. Epic adventure, it’s really unbelievable!! And it was empty so j managed to snap some incredible pictures on my Nikon. Here’s some iPhone snaps…..






I wish I’d has a video camera when Kara saw those bones. It was amazing!! I am going to have to bring my children down there to see it. My 10-yr old lives dinosaurs!!

So, after we puttered around. Went through La Break Canyon, and drove around. We were headed to Hollywood, as I wanted to hit the Christian Louboutin store. But then realized we needed caffeine.

In our quest for coffee, we found this lovely little store, “it’s a wrap”. Oh my goodness!!! Jackpot! They have clothing from movie sets! I snagged a pair of gorgeous white satin Stuart Weitzmans, $32. Brand new practical. The satin is dirty and the crystals are falling off, but I intend to dye them red and add red crystals. If I remember thy are from a soap opera, one life to live? I don’t watch much tv, so I’m unsure.


After several more stops (but no purchases), we ended up at Loehmans at the Beverly Center. I bought these items….



Shoes: Nina, $8
Necklace: Robert Rose, $12

And then I picked a few tops up from Banana Republic, got snubbed (hardcore at that!!!!) by the snotty SA’s at Jimmy Choo (unfortunate, I was wearing their shoes!), and we headed out for dinner with friends.

Our poolside feast:


And then we made s’mores. Well, I just burned marshmallows!!


After that I took a nap before I had to go to the LA Flower market for a 2am pickup. It was a fun but exhausting day!

I slept alot after I got home Saturday night, and today I’m ready for another action packed week!! No trips to Vegas though!

Until next time,


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