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Milo of the Lollipop Forest

Meant to post this earlier, but I got a little sidetracked today. Remember my organization frenzy last night?

Yeah. It spilled over into my daughter’s room. And Barbie. Like, too much Barbie!!


And turn the corner, oh no!!


And now it’s clear where my shoe obsession came from. Barbie. Mattel, can you please pay for my therapy? (kidding!!) seriously though, I had NO idea there was this much. And I’ve already gotten some sorted and put away! (note, most of the bits were mine, er are “mine”, and the dolls. I’ve added to her Barbie collection over the years, but 75% of what you see is mine from my teenage years. And I still collect Barbie!!)

And this was how I wanted to dress when I “grew up”


I have realized I actually have a black skirt like that, the white jacket, and a dress that is close to the one above.

Anyway. This was supposed to be about Milo of the Lollipop Forest!


Isn’t he adorable?? I loved this project!!!

And for moi today? I confess I look like a mom today. So, no damning evidence!! I’ve been organizing and sorting and planning my next pair of strassed shoes. Sooooo excited!

Speaking of, why didn’t Barbie ever have crystal shoes??? I know they made a Louboutin Barbie. And shoes. I’ve never been willing to shell out that much $$ for plastic Barbie shoes! It’s a neat collection though.

Until next time,


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