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Another Strass Project

Red soled shoes. Why oh why are these the holy grail of shoes? They aren’t very comfortable (I love my Jimmy Choo heels!!), but there is just something about that red sole!!

Anyway, I came across these, totally trashed in need of a redo.



Pale Pink Satin Tamiflu d’orsay style heels with a small band of pink crystal strass.

I then took the strass off and painted them this lovely metallic blue


And then an assortment of Preciosa crystals. Lt Sapphire & Lt Sapphire AB. SS7, SS12, SS16, and SS20.

One shoe down


Determined to finish both shoes yesterday


And by 12:45am, I had finished!


I’m going to take and have zip soles and heel tips put on this morning. I have an event this evening, I do believe I’m going to wear these! Come on glue, dry dry dry!!!!

Busy day. I received a blogger award/tag I must respond to (and then pass on!), and get started for what is a short week! And be room mom at Kindergarten, as it’s the last 8 days of school. Think all those little girls would love my shoes???

Until next time,


3 responses

  1. wow I want … they look a little to big for you anyway … wink wink. Where do you find them?

    May 29, 2012 at 13:53

    • They are a little big. The seller mis measured them. I went ahead with it anyway, figuring I can always sell them if I so choose. My investment really isn’t all that much, considering DIY strass CL’s sell upwards of $600-$700. BUT heel grips and foot petals!!!!!

      I found them on eBay. However, a word of caution, know your shoes and do a ton of research first!!!! So many fakes out there.
      ❤ Jules

      May 29, 2012 at 13:59

      • yeah, I don’t buy online to much at risk and also like see things in real 🙂

        May 29, 2012 at 16:38

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