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Upcoming Blog Sale

I mentioned doing this a few weeks back, having a blog sale. I’ve been super swamped with my business the past few weeks, so it hasn’t happened. I’ve been slowly attempting to prepare for it though!!

So, that said, I’m about ready to post everything. I’m waiting on something from the cleaners (tomorrow!), and then I’ll start it.

Some guidelines.

1. US only please. (however, I’m not opposed to exceptions, please email me if you are really wanting something)

2. Prices will include shipping. Either First-Class or Priority Mail. (it will depend on the size/shape/weight)

3. No returns. Please know your size before!! Everything will be “as-is”, and I will notate any flaws. (mainly on shoes)

4. PayPal (I will invoice you) only please.

I have various brands, Kate Spade, Prada, Nanette Lepore, Tracy Reese, Cynthia Steffie, Jimmy Choo, etc.

I don’t know if anyone will be interested, but I figured I would offer to my readers before dealing with eBay! I wish we had a good consignment store, but the one where I live sells mainly Forever 21, Rampage, Target, and Charlotte Russe. Their shoe selection, well, sigh. Sadly I was told My Kate Spade pieces weren’t anything “good”, they wouldn’t even take them as a donation! I did score at their “warehouse sale”, a few couture pieces for under $5. So random!!! (and fabulous gifts for special people this year!)

I will keep my items priced reasonable. A few are new, so I’ll just be looking to recoup cost.

Until next time,


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