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What I’m Wearing

This morning our women’s bible study is having a leadership wrap-up event. I had a really adorable outfit all planned out.

Then it happened.

The many emails and text messages advising me to NOT wear a skirt or a dress (apparently they know me too well!!! I actually think I only wore pants once this entire past year). At first I figured I’d wear a skirt and slip shorts underneath.

But it’s already about 70 degrees and humid today (which is NOT okay btw.). Soooo, I’m wearing shorts. Begrudgingly!!


The Rundown:
Cardigan: Tracy Reese (off eBay, under $20)
Blouse: Kate Spade, from the outlet (but it is not an outlet piece)
Shorts: Kate Spade (the white ones I normally wear to be a “bum”!!)
Belt: Kate Spade, from my Anemone dress (that I wore Sunday!)
Shoes: Jimmy Choo, hand-strassed by my (just last night and this morning!!!)
Handbag: Kate Spade

Woah, I kind of have a Kate Spade problem!! It sort of worked out that way, I won’t go into details as to why I am wearing a hot pink blouse. And mixing it with purple? Does it work? Oh probably not, I imagine Anna Wintour would have a fit. But I like it!!

And it gives me an excuse to wear my Jimmy Choo flats that I strassed between last night and early this morning!


I might add more sparkles later to these. But for now they will do. It makes up for not being able to wear the shoes I had planned to wear!! And I’m sorry, but I am so not a heels with shorts kind of girl. I’d like to be, but yeah, not going to happen.

I’ll post some pictures later of the gifts I made for this morning and the flower arrangements! Everything is packed and ready to go, so it’ll have to wait. But my foyer smells amazing, hyacinth!! Mmmmmm.

So, hot pink with purple? Too wild? I know it’s bright, but I’m really digging my outfit today! (even though it isn’t what I had wanted to wear!!)

Until next time,


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