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BirchBox Day!

Yay! I’ve been reading blog posts about this month’s BirchBox for the past few days, and I was excited to see mine come this month!! The theme is “Gossip Girl”.

Special black packaging


Pretty “sleeve”


The box itself is the same (I love these boxes!! They reuse so nicely!)


The theme continues (I love how they always wrap it!)


And score!


A full-size Stila eyeliner, a large sample of DrJart BB cream (I already use this! Not this particular one, but the same brand. I love it!! This will be great for travel!), Ojon Shampoo, a cute notecard, a hair band thingy, and a perfume sample. Honestly I wish they didn’t put perfume samples in, I have such a sensitive nose, 90% of all perfume gives me a wicked headache!! I was hoping for the pretty gold nail polish some subscribers received!!

All in all, the best box yet. I was considering canceling, as I was not terribly impressed with my 2 previous boxes. I am curious as to why not everyone gets the same contents in their box!

Thoughts on this?

Until next time,


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