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What I’m Wearing

Today I’m chaperoning the 4th grade field trip to Disney California Adventure Park! It’s supposed to be about 82 degrees there today. I have water, snacks, sunscreen, and a hat!

I went back and forth on shoes for today. In the end I decided on my Kate Spade flats that I fondly call my “Tinkerbell” flats. I walked 12 miles in them back in October, so I know my feet will hold up, and well, they are a gold version of Tinkerbell’s shoes!! I’m also bringing the flats I wore yesterday (aka my “Cinderella flats) just in case.

I’m excited, I’ve never been to California Adventure Park! I adore rides and such, so it should be fun. Anyways!

My outfit today


The Rundown:
Cardigan: Target
Blouse: Old Navy
Skirt & Belt: Kate Spade Lawson skirt
Shoes: Kate Spade (Tinkerbell!)
Handbag: Coach (closest thing to a messenger bag I own)

Bag & shoes & camera


I’m also bringing my red hat I bought in Australia 3 years ago. I ❤ this hat! Even with sunscreen my face tends to burn, and my eyes are super sensitive, so a hat is a must-have. Plus this one packs nicely and unrolls perfect!

I'm sure I'll post sometime today, I have a little down time right in the beginning. I choose to skip the tour they are going on in favor of other pursuits. Mainly trying to catch up with old friends!

Until next time,


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