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Giveaway Winners!!

Whew, 117 entries!

That was alot of little slips of paper to chop up. I brought my kiddos in for truly “non biased” draw, as they each stuck a hand in and pulled a slip out while not looking!

Here’s the bowl (a gorgeous Elsa Peretti Tiffany Bowl! Nicest piece of crystal I own. Thought it would be fun to use here)


First draw, my youngest!


Second draw, my adorable daughter,


My 9-yr old son….he wanted to play with all the paper.


And my oldest. Oh wait, I had said there were 3 prizes! But I realized, it would be fun for each kid to pick a winner, sooooo, it became 4 prizes!


And the winners! (pictured in no particular order)


Please email me to claim your prize, and let me know which one you want to receive! I will award first come first serve.

Choices are:

Movie tickets


Sz39 Kate Spade Yellow Kitten Heels


Vintage brooches & Kate Spade buttons (from the recent Florence Broadhurst Tour)


Andddd, a mystery prize!! You just won’t know until you receive it!

So, email me, with prize choice, your shipping address, etc, and I will work on this this week.


This was fun, I am already planning my next one.

Until next time,


This giveaway was sponsored solely by me. No goods or services were donated.

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