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Positively Friday

I am stealing this (with her permission!! Thank you Adrienne!!) post idea from Adrienne over at . She posted it yesterday (Thursday/Friday, it’s pretty close, right??) and I decided, hey, I’ve got my computer up this morning (trying to get a little work done, and here I am blogging! OOPS), and why not? I really working on embracing being more positive with life, and look at the good things, no matter how bad things might be.

So, my “short” list of good things this week (I decided to keep it to 5):

1. My Better Half

My husband has just been wonderful this past week. Living in step-life isn’t always easy, and we’ve had some crazy adventures, but at the end of the day, it’s worth it. (warts and all!!) We have a unique step-situation, and sometimes I think it makes life easier, and sometimes, I feel it makes life harder!

2. Children

My children have been studying hard for the upcoming STAR test. I know they are going to do well. I pray this will help them realize that studying for tests IS a good thing, and you will be rewarded for it! We are a year away from having a child in high school, so it’s important to get some good work habits ingrained in them, especially my oldest.

My oldest has been performing all week in his spring drama production, and he has been doing so well! I’m so proud of him getting outside of his comfort zone, meeting new people, and putting in all the extra hours the past few weeks to be ready. He’s just in the chorus (the lead parts all went to high schoolers, but in another year and a half, he WILL be in high school, and he sees the potential!), but he’s made quite an impression on all the cast members. I got to go backstage last night, and one of the seniors was like “Hey, your kid is awesome. We’ve enjoyed having him perform with us!”. I think thats pretty amazing.

3. Last Weekend

It was brutally hot last Saturday, as in, close to 100 degrees (well, it probably did hit that in places!). And humid. Oy. And I had a delivery. A HUGE delivery. So, to share my big delivery, here’s what it was…

And now my readers will understand WHY I so so so so love my “Eat Cake for Breakfast” bag! I carry it to my consulations, it’s so fun! (okay, and I drag it around when I’m not working too…but it usually GETS me business! Best advertising ever!!) This is probably one of my favorite wedding cakes I have done so far. The sugar lace…I made a mold from real lace, and then cast it in sugar. (everything pictured is a form of sugar, except for the carnations on top, the bride wanted real carnations, not sugar flowers) So that was a very VERY positive thing from my last week! The cake survived!! (it was so so hot, and the venue had the cake table sitting in sunlight) The flowers were all pretty white carnations, very much a “rockabilly” wedding.

4. Blessings

I don’t advertise my business (I work for myself), and the past week, I have been very blessed with new business, repeat business, refferals from previous clients, the like. It’s been a stellar 2012, and it’s just getting better!

Blessings at my bible study. I’ve spent the last 8-9 months with the same group of ladies (for the most part), and we’ve been on some really incredible adventures through the bible, personal growth, and finding our way (for some of us). We are wrapping up over the next couple of weeks, which makes me sad, as I have really really enjoyed the past months. I hope that we are able to fit in “time” over the summer together….I told them I am not above bribing them with fabulous baked goods and good coffee!!

5. My Health

I struggle with my health. It’s a daily battle. But right now? I’m winning, and it’s very very nice. Very much a positive thing! I have managed to spring clean my house over the past week and not have any ill effect as a result. Yes!

What blessings have you had over the past week?

Thank you for the inspiration!

Until next time,


4 responses

  1. Jules,

    I am so thrilled about you doing Positively Friday! And I love your list. What a gorgeous wedding cake.
    You must be very proud of you children. And I get what you’re referring to as far as living a step-life. It does have it’s constant challenges and ups and downs. Never a dull moment!

    Have a lovely weekend!
    xo, Adrienne

    April 27, 2012 at 17:54

  2. Courtney

    So happy that your oldest is liking performing!!! The theatre is great!

    April 28, 2012 at 01:19

  3. Fiona

    Love that cake. I dream of being able to do something like that.

    April 29, 2012 at 22:51

  4. happygrape2

    Inspirational! I should try the same philosophy

    April 30, 2012 at 00:34

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