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What I’m Wearing

It’s going to be hot again today! (it got super close to 100 yesterday!!) I have errands, a massage appointment, and lots of car time today!! So I’m keepin it casual.


The Rundown:
Cardigan: Banana Republic (thrifted by my sister)
Blouse: Target, $4.98 on sale
Shorts: Kate Spade (also worn yesterday)
Shoes: Black Flats from Ross
Handbag: Patent Purple Kate Spade Bon Shopper Tote

My handbag


I imagine these shorts and another white pair that I own (also Kate Spade) will make many appearances this year! I wear alot of skirts, but sometimes shorts, when it’s this hot, it’s just easier!!

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Stay cool! (and you east coasters, stay warm!)

Until next time,


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