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What I’m Wearing

It’s going to be a lovely day! Nice and warm! (yesterday it got up to 85!!) So, I’m not wearing a cardigan today, shocker!!

Here’s my outfit today


The Rundown:
Blouse: Jason Wu for Target, $8.99 on sale
Skirt: Kate Spade Lawson Skirt, $79 at the outlet
Belt: came with the skirt
Shoes: Kate Spade Sandals
Handbag: yellow Kate Spade Maryann bag
Jewelry: Ceylon Sapphire set

My jewelry today


My handbag


And the skirt I wish I had!

Jason Wu for Target skirt. The color!! (matches that Kate Spade bag I want!!)

Alas, that skirt in my size is $90 with shipping on eBay right now. More than Kate Spade!! Insane!!!!

I think Sandee Royalty over at Kate Spade-aholic has something similar in her etsy store for less, and it’s custom made!!

Greedy shoppers who bought Jason Wu to resell, it’s just sad. I understand the need to make a living, but it’s still frustrating!!!

Until next time,


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