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John Maxwell

I realize this is mainly a fashion blog, however I simply could not resist sharing MY morning experience!

We have had the privilege of seeing John Maxwell speak this weekend, spend time with us, share a fantastic church message with us, and of course, he signs books! (old, new, dog-eared, doesn’t matter!)

So his new book is out


And I’ve gotten about 30 pages into it, it’s really great. We are all leaders, not just those IN a leadership position. Do you have children? Then you are a leader! I just love John’s line “I’m John, and I’m your friend”. Don’t call him Mr Maxwell, Dr Maxwell, call him John. He is the anti-celebrity, which is really nice.

So we got the book signed (and a few others)


And I passed him a pair of cake pops, peanut butter cup & white chocolate. I suppose I should have taken a picture! But I didn’t want to hold up the line. He had mentioned Friday night how he loves snickers candy bars, so all weekend he’s been given 100’s of them. I figured he likes snickers, he likes peanut butter, might as well. 🙂 We have the privilege of spending a weekend with him once a year, so next year he expects more cake pops! (he is shameless when it comes to begging to things, tissues, candy, etc. it’s quite amusing)

Anyway, that was my morning. Back in the late 80’s my grandfather knew him, it’s neat to see how far and big he’s gotten and see he is just as humble now as I’m sure he was then. (not that I remember, but he remembers my grandfather, which is awesome! Sadly my grandfather is no longer with us, or I’m sure he would be up here in Vegas with us)

Have a lovely day, we are going to finish up with our conference and head home. I have a very busy week in front of me! Back to the grind!!

Until next time,


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