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What I’m Wearing

Day two of our conference, and after running around yesterday in my orange wedges, oh boy, I have blisters!! (and this is why I do not normally buy inexpensive shoes, or non-leather shoes!!)

So I had planned on wearing this


Same thing I wore last Tuesday, but with a different blouse. Alas, my poor footsies are not cooperating!

So, I threw this together with my trusty Jimmy Choo black flats, and the yellow Kate Spade bag I carried around yesterday


The Rundown:
Jacket: Kate Spade Loren Jacket, off eBay
Blouse: Kate Spade
Skirt: Kate Spade
Belt: Thrifted, $1
Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Handbag: Kate Spade Maryann

Here is a closeup of my blouse, the detail is truly beautiful!


And now to find some tea (I rarely drink coffee), a bagel (yummy!) and settle down for a nice day at the Orleans Arena learning words of wisdom from John Maxwell.

And be very thrilled I’m not outside or at home. The weather is simply dreadful! It’s all raining and overcast here in Vegas, it’s even slightly humid. My hair!! Good for the skin though!

I’m using a new beauty product, Dr Jart+ Beauty Balm. It’s a serum, moisturizer, and foundation all in one. So far, I ❤ it. My skin is happy and "glowy".


Stay dry, and if are in the Midwest, stay safe! This weather is brutal!!

Until next time,


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