Fashion, Food, Desserts, being a 30-something mom is exciting!


Whew, like I said earlier, packing is never fun!!

Some peeks into what I’m taking with me to Las Vegas this weekend. It’s a business trip, so no spangly little dresses for clubbing or anything (not that I would actually go, but you know)

I’ll tuck a pair of flats in, but after muh agonizing, I’m only packing two pairs of shoes. I’m not counting what I’m wearing on the drive.


Some of my much-loved Kate Spade pieces are coming with me. I have 3 black skirts from there, and I’m always looking for another! Same with cardigans.

This’ll be my maybe outfit. You know, backup!



I still need to figure out makeup. Being a girl is complicated sometimes!

How do you pack? Any tips? Other than a mobile closet of course!

Until next time,


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