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I ❤ getting a package from Kate Spade! They always wrap so beautifully!

Today this came


Ohhhh, so pretty!

What’s inside?


A sticker! Pretty tissue paper! (although, I much prefer the gold striped tissue paper they had in 2011, just saying)

And the, voila!


It’s a rather long story as to how this came into my possession, but it doesn’t matter! Now I suppose I will have to break down and buy the tshirt. Slightly a waste, as a. It’s white (yikes!) and b. it’s a tshirt! (something I rarely wear)

I also had another wrapped box in my shipment, but as its a birthday present for a friend, I shall keep it under wraps. I’m not sure if she reads this!

On another note, stopped into the outlet in Cabazon today. I didn’t buy anything, but they had some great deals! I’m heading to Vegas this weekend, so a stop in Primm on the way up is a must.

Until next time,


One response

  1. Courtney

    Of course I read your blog!!!! AND I can’t wait to find out what I’m getting!!!

    April 10, 2012 at 19:02

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