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What I’m Wearing

I totally forgot to update my outfit yesterday, I ended up changing my shoes to black heels (sequined Miu Miu’s), and it was way awesome! I had alot of fun wearing my Florida skirt.

Here’s what I’m wearing today. I have a pair of heels I would prefer to wear, but as I’m spending the afternoon at Kindergarten in the grass (egg hunt) I need something semi practical!


The rundown
Cardigan: Target, kids section, $4.48 (ish)
Skirt: See by Chloe, $31, off eBay (it still had the tags!)
Shoes: Kate Spade (my tinker bell flats!)
Handbag: Kate Spade (same pink bag from yesterday. I’m being lazy and don’t want to bother changing my bag. It’s close enough!)
Brooch: Vintage, $2 at Salvation Army
No necklace today, just my normal wedding & engagement rings, and my pearl & diamond earrings.

Here’s a closeup of the brooch


Earrings (since I wear them so often! $75 at a local pawn shop)


I love the earrings, the pearls are 8-9mm, and it’s about .7ct of diamonds set in rich 14k gold (but it looks like 18k, it’s a very deep color). I wager these were a custom made piece.

If you know what to look for, shopping for jewels at pawn shops can be really fun! I haven’t been in a while, as I’m trying to cut back on spending. This blog is supposed to help me, you know, so I see what I’ve worn, and get creative instead of wearing the same thing all the time, and wanting to shop because I have “nothing to wear”

I’d like to do a shopping freeze challenge, maybe start at a month? 3 months scares me! May 1st sounds good. Hrm. Something to think about!

For anyone who reads my little corner of the net daily, I thank you! I encourage you to keep reading, I’m working on some items I’ll probably post for sale on here, an a summer giveaway as well. Fun fun!!


Until next time,


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