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What I’m Wearing

I’m not terribly pleased with my choice of shoes OR handbag this morning, but I pulled something in my foot last night and heels are simply out of the question. Walking is pushing it today!

So, here is my mish-mosh


The Rundown:
Cardigan: Banana Republic, eBay, $2.99
Skirt: Thrifted (yesterday!), $2
Shoes: Miu Miu, off eBay, $25
Handbag: Pink Kate Spade, off eBay, $19.99
Necklaces: Pearl & Crystal (worn yesterday), and Elle from Kohls peachy “pink gold” necklace, $12 on sale

I realize I buy alot of things on eBay, and yes they are all authentic. A few times I’ve received counterfeit items, which I have promptly shipped back to the seller for a refund. There are ways to check authenticity, especially on Kate Spade. But that is another post!

Here’s my necklaces (it’s wild, I know! I have 9mm pearl earrings with a ring of diamonds in my ears. Costume earrings make my ears miserable, sadly!! Unless they are clips)


And my bag


I’ve posted the shoes before, they are rather boring.

So my sad attempt today. I ❤ the skirt, and if only I could wear heels! Le sigh.

Until next time,


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