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What I’m Wearing

It’s windy out today, but I have a client meeting, and I’m wearing a skirt anyway!!!


The Rundown:
Blouse: Kate Spade Whitney Blouse, $40 @ the outlet
Cardigan: Elle from Kohls, $14 on sale
Skirt: Thrifted, $1
Belt: Thrifted, $1
Shoes: Jimmy Choo (worn on 3/30/12)
Bag: Kate Spade (carried on 3/30/12)
Necklace: Kate Spade (worn on 3/28/12)

And I also have my Eat Cake Bag today


Good to carry all my files & books!

Off to brave the windy weather!

Until next time,


2 responses

  1. Love the outfit, especially the necklace. I believe it would’ve been a “killer outfit” if you had worn a lighter, perhaps white, skirt. Still, love it.

    Keep posting!

    April 2, 2012 at 09:49

  2. Thank you. =) But you know, now I have to go find a white skirt……that sits at my waist. (or finally tailor the one I do have!) I’m happy to know that SOMEONE out there is reading my nonsense!!

    April 2, 2012 at 13:09

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