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Macarons and Macawrongs

Well, after my success yesterday, I decided to tackle Lemon & Vanilla Macarons this afternoon.

About half came out right, and the other half, well, they were macawrong! But still yummy.

Macarons (tres perfection! In my book anyway!)


And my macawrongs(but still delicious, crisp, chewy, yummy yummy!!)


So I decided to have fun and go with it. Why not, right? They still taste amazing!

We have tags:


And then bags (4 for $1 at Target)


And now I have lovely Easter gifts for some friends I shall see tomorrow morning!


The pink are vanilla with an organic strawberry compote filling, and the yellow are lemon-flavoured with a lemon curd filling. I just love the colors, and my favorite is still the pale blue almond ones I made yesterday.

It’s true what they say, these cookies get better with age! Like moi!

Until next time,


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