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Closet Project

The bane of my existence, keeping my closet tidy & organized! I have these lovely shelves, except they aren’t really for shoes so it’s always tricky to keep them from flying off! Forget putting flats on the shelves, my feet are simply too big!


Here’s the top two shelves, all color-coordinated (sort of!). And confession time, I have several more pairs of black heels that are stored in their shoeboxes! (I won’t even admit to flats & flat sandals!!). I do try to rotate my shoes, so I get more use out of them. (alas, it’s merely a pathetic attempt on my part, I still seem to wear the same 4 pairs of shoes!!!)


These are the bottom two shelves. My handbag shelf is rather disorganized, but I do try to keep my bags in their sleeper bags. I realized as I was organizing and moving things around today, I only have two brands of handbags, Kate Spade & Coach. And I’ve only ever bought one bag new! This one:


Which I simply adore!!! I think they might have made a bangle bracelet, might need to add that, just for fun!!

Any recommendations to making my shoe shelves more useable, please send them to me! Or post them here!

Back to my closet, next I’m going to tackle clothing, it’s time for a purge! Perhaps I’ll have to run a giveaway next week! Something to think about, maybe if I get enough followers!

Until next time,


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